When looking at which type of garden or patio heater you need, it is important to know the subtle differences between the variations on offer. As well as offering the comfort of a real fire that you and your family/friends can enjoy well into the night, many heaters come with a grill, allowing you to cook a BBQ or melt marshmallows. A stunning centrepiece to any outdoor area, a patio heater is a great investment.

Chimeneas – while fire-pits and fire-baskets offer warmth from the flames, chimeneas give off warmth from their body.
• A metal chimenea conducts the heat making a perfect heater for any setting. With many designs and sizes, it’s like having a real wood burning fire outdoors.
• A cast iron chimenea will keep its heat longer and allow you enjoy the outdoors well into the night. The more modern designs bring a contemporary look that make a striking centre piece all day long.
• Clay chimeneas not only offer warmth through their ability to conduct heat, but the stunning designs bring a bright, artisan feel to your garden. Some are 2 piece, allowing you to cook and create a family feast and then relax in the warmth it emits through the evening.

Fire-pits – come in various forms, whether it’s a classic, yet simple style with a shaped bowl and mesh cover, or a laser-cut bowl giving that extra touch of design to your garden, a larger pit that will last well into the evening once lit, a tile-edged firepit that gives that bit of extra artistic flair, or coloured pits bringing a contemporary look, they all bring warmth and comfort to any garden.

Fire-baskets – originally used to give light and warmth, today’s baskets still offer that, but there is much more design involved to create a centre piece for your garden. Similar to fire-pits, the baskets tend to be a sleeker alternative while still allowing you sit and watch the flames flicker and dance through the night.

Fire-Globes – if you want to introduce a WOW factor to your garden, then a Fire-Globe can create a stunning scene. Good quality globes are made from thicker oxidised steel, to allow larger fires and therefore higher temperatures. Thinner steel may mean the globes will bend and warp in time, so investing in a higher spec product gives you that a longer product lifetime.