Solar Lighting an Introduction

Lighting can be used throughout the year, whether it’s a summer BBQ, sitting round your patio heater, or a winter wonderland, you can highlight your key garden features or enhance your outdoor looks with our range of products.
Security lighting can help during the dark hours, with their infrared technology, they can catch the movement of unwanted visitors around doors and windows.

There are more and more solar powered lighting products available nowadays, allowing you to light up your garden throughout the year. From security, to ambient decoration, it’s good to understand the benefits of solar versus mains lighting.

What is a Lumen? – Lumens are the measure of light emitted from a light bulb, rather than Watts which are a measure of power required to light the bulb. The higher the Lumen, the brighter the light.

No power outlet required – Electric lighting can be expensive and troublesome to install and cause your fuel bill to increase. With solar lighting, there is no need for outdoor main power outlet.
Each item comes equipped with a small solar panel that allows charging during daylight hours, and light when it’s dark. This allows you to easily place the lights wherever you wish (so no costly installation charges) always ensuring the solar panel has access to daylight.

Cost effective – solar lights are usually cheaper to buy than mains lighting, there are no installation costs and as they are powered by the sun, there are no running costs.

Safety – no electric cabling means a no risk of anyone tripping over the wires, especially when used in close proximity to a BBQ or dinner table. They are also safer than candles or lanterns as there is no naked flame.

Security – Solar lighting can offer extra peace of mind while the home is unoccupied. With electric lights, they are usually turned off when the homeowner is away, but with solar lighting, especially products with higher Lumen counts, they light up at night, acting as a potential deterrent to criminals

Environmentally friendly – as the lights charge during the day, they store energy that is used through the night, thus reducing consumption and improving the carbon footprint.

Whether its security lighting, improved visibility when you arrive home on a dark evening, or enhancing your garden ambience in the spring and summer months with decorative lighting, Bridgemont Products has the solar lighting products you need.
Floodlight and security products that give high Lumen, infra-red lighting around your property. Easy to install, they are wall mounted and focus the light downwards.
Path finders can be staked into the ground, offering a safe passage along paths and walkways.
String lights can be placed in bushes, around doorways or be used for parties.
Table lights and lanterns offer a subtle, decorative accent to any setting.
Novelty lights bring a touch of fun to your garden. Colourful figures by day, charming silhouette lights by night.